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Over the past two decades there has been rapid scientific and technological progress. Once esoteric fields such as genetic modification and artificial intelligence are now mainstream and brain transplants may be on the horizon. Never before in human history have we been faced with such rapid and unpredictable changes in our society.

Scientific and technological progress is bringing about revolutions in healthcare, policing, education and energy; to name but a few. It offers an opportunity for us to improve services and businesses whilst also reducing costs. With fundamental reforms we can improve the quality of life for everyone in our society. However, this progress also brings about new risks, from the extremes of cyber terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, automated weapons and super-intelligence to the superficially more mundane such as how we interact with one another and technology and privacy.

It is vital that we consider and address these challenges if we are to develop societies that work for everyone. This is the heart of the Smart Societies Institute.

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